For medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers of all sizes, we provide high quality, high-value medical device testing, bioskills training, and translational facilities. Our facility provides physicians, sales staff, students and allied healthcare professionals what they need and when they need it with the highest quality service designed with your bioskills training needs in mind.


We provide medical device testing and bioskills training for more than 2,000 physicians, medical device sales force members, students and other allied healthcare professionals every year. Our commitment to the highest quality service ensures our bioskills training customers come back to us time after time. Whether your product is approved and on the market entering clinical trials, or are at the very early stage of device development seeking customer feedback, our team can help you translate rapidly through device testing, regulatory approval, and education & training. We have a portfolio of repeat customers who chose to return time and time again to take advantage of the expertise and quality partner within us. Our bioskills training team provides a turnkey, team-wide, top-tier, flexible scheduling service. We provide a real-world environment and experience for your bioskills needs.


We are conveniently located in midtown Atlanta, just 15 minutes from the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield Johnson. Our facilities are AAALAC accredited, USDA licensed, and GLP compliant. We operate 32,000 sq ft of operating room, lab, office and vivarium space. Our operating rooms are dedicated to research in 12 therapeutic areas. We have a total of four (4) operating rooms, including one fixed cathlab.

Our operating rooms are flexible and can be set up for a surgical, endoscopic, orthopedic, or interventional case for both animate and human cadaveric models. Each operating room is equipped with a room camera and surgical light camera that is available for recording or viewing in the convenience of a conference room. Along with our surgical and imaging equipment, our operating rooms are a one-stop shop for all of your preclinical testing and bioskills training needs.


“Having credentialed professionals managing the study, board-certified veterinarians on staff and a team who cared about the project as if it was their own, is a distinguishing feature for GCMI/T3 Labs.”

Tyler Wanke, Co-Founder and CEO


“Our mission is to bring down the cost of healthcare and provide better patient outcomes at the same time. Effectively reducing OR time is one key way we accomplish our mission. When our physicians train at T3 Labs, they walk into an environment that is very familiar, and that enables us to complete our training with great proficiency and efficiency.”

Marc Bolton, Clinical Education Manager

Applied Medical