Evaluating your new artificial organ technology’s readiness for preclinical work or just want to get together to talk about the latest in preclinical testing, bioskills training or medtech innovation across the board? Connect with GCMI and T3 Labs at ASAIO 2023.

At GCMI, medtech and medical device innovation are at the core of our efforts including within our industry leading preclinical CRO. Our team constantly focuses on the advancement of our sponsors’ journeys from concept to commercialization to cure at any step in the process including market assessment as part of very early stages (what we describe as “Phase Zero”) or design and development, through preclinical and into manufacturing transfer.

In addition to meeting up with colleagues and sponsors old and new, we always seek to learn as much as we can about the state of the art, and what’s on the horizon, in areas of medtech innovation we support

“The American Society for Artificial Internal Organs is a world class society that … strives to ‘save lives one medical device at a time.’ ASAIO’s mission is to provide a forum that globally and collaboratively promotes the development of innovative medical device technology at the crossroads of science, engineering, and medicine.”

Through this lens, we look forward to heading to
ASAIO’s 68th Annual Conference June 14-17 in San Francisco. The ASAIO 2023 program is full of compelling content and speakers. 

Are you evaluating the readiness of your pediatric, circulatory assist device including ECMO, artificial heart, ventricular or respiratory assist device for preclinical testing? Do you need valuable feedback from clinicians, or the very best in surgical training for your device? Or do you just want to talk about the latest in preclinical work and medtech innovation? We want to connect with you at ASAIO 2023!

GCMI’s considerable capabilities in preclinical research models, particularly for pediatric, heart and respiratory assist devices, ensure innovators in this space move efficiently through their development and regulatory pathways on their way to regulatory approval, exit or other inflection point – just like we have for companies like ALung.

“T3’s recommendation for the model shift based on their experience and expertise was much more practical for this application based on our device’s capabilities and needs,” said Jeremy Kimmel, PhD Director of New Technology for ALung Technologies. “I am convinced this recommendation has accelerated our product refinement testing and preclinical trials, saving ALung time and money at every step along the way.”


2017_06_30: Environmental Portrait of Hee Cheol Cho and his staff working at a lab in the Health Sciences Research Building on the Emory University Campus in Atlanta, GA. Stephen Nowland/Emory University

Consider as well our work with Dr. Hee Cheol Cho helping to make biological pacemakers a reality.

“Designing and managing the logistic demands of a large animal study is complex and requires much more knowledge than a bench scientist’s,” he said. “That’s where the team at T3 Labs has been exceptional. They fill in all of the translational gaps for our requirements with very high levels of proficiency. The ability to execute cardiac cath lab preclinical programs combined with electrophysiology is exceedingly rare. T3 Labs has the infrastructure and expertise to make it happen.”

If you’re evaluating your new technology’s readiness for preclinical work including pilot studies or if you just want to get together to talk about the latest in preclinical testing, bioskills training or medtech innovation across the board, email GCMI and T3 Labs Director of Scientific Affairs Evan Goldberg to set up an onsite meeting at ASAIO 2023 evan.goldberg@t3labs.org.


GCMI is committed to providing superior access, service, quality and deliverables in a preclinical CRO. Our facility provides physicians, sales staff, students and allied healthcare professionals what they need and when they need it with the highest quality service designed with your bioskills training needs in mind. Keep reading to see what sets GCMI apart. It all comes down to our scientific acumen, flexibility, accountability, accreditation and commitment to value.


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