As the preclinical CRO industry consolidates, creativity and flexibility suffer. GCMI and our preclinical arm, T3 Labs, works around your needs, around you and your surgeons’ availability, not the other way around. We work beyond the bankers hours because we know time is of the essence, deadlines must be met and your innovation is not your surgeons’ sole concern.


If your surgeons have just three days to complete their work, we’re there! Our industry leading preclinical CRO is fully committed to delivering what you need, when you need it. On your schedule, within your budget.


“T3 Labs has the track record, facilities, expertise, and flexibility to help innovators reach FDA clearance on time and on budget.” – Dr. Tom Barrows, President & CSO, Cell Constructs


“Preclinical work is always filled with unexpected outcomes – some good, some bad. Having a trusted preclinical partner that has the experience, expertise, and flexibility to work with your specific product, team, timeline and budget is of the utmost importance. 


“T3’s recommendation for the model shift based on their experience and expertise was much more practical for this application based on our device’s capabilities and needs. I am convinced this recommendation has accelerated our product refinement testing and preclinical trials saving ALung time and money at every step along the way.” – Jeremy Kimmel, PhD, Director New Technology, ALung Technologies


“Having an anatomically unsuitable model can have a massive cascading effect on the results of the preclinical study. When this happened during our study, T3 quickly enrolled replacement preclinical models within timelines tight enough to avert any programmatic delays and remained not only respectful of our surgeons’ schedules, but within compliance for GDP and GLP.” – Tyler Wanke, Co-Founder and CEO, Innoblative


If you are evaluating your readiness for preclinical or are ready to put a program and protocol together, let’s talk.