In any medical device training program the stakes are high. The investment in time and money, the relationships with your physicians, and the overarching reputation of your company’s brand are all on the line.

Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Orange County, California, Applied Medical is a rapidly growing, global organization with over 3,000 team members, and technologies in use in more than 75 countries worldwide. Applied is a leading provider of breakthrough technologies for Minimally Invasive and General Surgery, as well as Cardiovascular, Urologic, Colorectal, Obstetric and Gynecologic Specialties. Applied’s mission is to have a significant and sustainable impact on healthcare by delivering technologies that enhance clinical care, and satisfy the pressing economic needs of our customers.

Applied’s Clinical Education Specialist and Team Lead for Resident Programming Nationwide, Marc Bolton, relies on T3 Labs to deliver medical device training programs, ranging from simple laparoscopic procedures, to highly complex procedural training for surgeons in practice like transanal minimal invasive surgery (TAMIS). “My job is to educate, provide technical support, and allow experience to be gained, so that our physicians return to the OR with great equipment familiarity to reduce OR times and improve patient outcomes,” Marc told us.

Between training sessions at T3 Labs, Marc was generous enough to share with us his top needs for his medical device training programs and the ways T3 Labs meets them.



Knowledge and anticipation

“T3 is equipped to give me peace of mind when I’m putting a program together. Based on high levels of experience, the T3 team is able to troubleshoot and anticipate our needs, even ‘on the fly.’ This provides a smooth, efficient, familiar experience for our team and physicians.”

Brand Security and Improvement

“It is incumbent upon me to ensure the Applied Medical brand remains solidly intact. Training programs at T3 Labs are professionally composed, orchestrated, and performed at a high level of value. I need a facility with reliable, knowledgeable scientific experts on staff and equipment that replicates what surgeons experience when it matters most in the OR to improve their practice. At the conclusion of every program, we depart with a great brand name.”

A One Stop Shop and Central Location

“One-stop-shop that includes all of the equipment, accommodations, a convenient location and a highly knowledgeable staff that anticipates my needs and delivers a high value experience. T3’s central Atlanta location and proximity to Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport with its hundreds of direct connections is not only convenient, it is economically efficient.”

“It is incredibly easy to be here. From the quality of the facility, the equipment and staff, the catering, and even the scrubs and laundry services: I am able to tell our team, ‘Come as you are.’ T3 and I will handle the rest of it.”


“When we train at T3 Labs I am able to assure our team members with absolute confidence that everybody and everything is treated with the utmost respect. Every precaution is taken and the staff knows what they’re doing. Their procedural skill and knowledge of medical technology, advanced medical imaging, and animal husbandry, among other areas critical to our success, is remarkable.”


“Our mission is to bring down the cost of healthcare and provide better patient outcomes at the same time. Effectively reducing OR time is one key way we accomplish our mission. When our physicians train at T3 Labs, they walk into an environment that is very familiar, and that enables us to complete our training with great proficiency and efficiency.

“We are in the early stages of planning expanded events for larger national audiences and we will start that process with T3 Labs.”

Contact Kelley Bennett, program director for training and education, with T3 Labs via email: or call 404-894-5227.