So you have an idea for a new medical device. Now what?

Coming up with a concept for a new medical device is an exciting moment. The possibility of solving a real unmet clinical need can seem so promising that you may overlook the myriad process challenges that go along with bringing this idea to life. Creating a new medical device can be a grueling process that involves plenty of moving parts – including non-disclosure agreements, patent laws, the development and approval cycle, time commitment and more.

This said, it can be extremely beneficial to have a team behind you and your idea in order to push it forward through the many steps in this process. Developing a medical device requires large amounts of time, effort, and expertise that physicians cannot always offer on their own. Often times, physicians are even faced with the ultimatum of either giving up their practice for a length of time in order to further pursue their idea or abandoning the idea altogether.

This is why the Global Center for Medical Innovations (GCMI) partners with physician innovators to design, develop, and test their concepts for new medical devices. GCMI is fully prepared to provide the kind of support and resources necessary to advance your concept into the next stage. Bringing your idea to life may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be with a rock solid team behind you through every step of the way.

Dr. Emily Blum, Kelley Bennett, Sarah Cohen and Dersi Patel delve into the first step in this process in the 3 minute video below – to help you determine just how invested you are in your idea.

Stay tuned for the next videos in this series as they continue to discuss the process that physicians must go through when developing a new medical device, and the team that it takes to do it.

If you are a potential physician innovator with an idea for a new medical device and want to learn more about what it takes to bring that idea to life, visit our website, email us or fill this form.