Preclinical evaluations are often the best way to assess a medical product’s performance, and regulatory bodies often require preclinical data in product submissions.  But this type of work is also expensive. The most effective product development strategies use preclinical studies wisely. The most expensive preclinical study is the one you have to repeat.


How can medtech, life science and biopharma innovators know their product is ready for preclinical testing? GCMI’s phase-gated design and development process, coupled with our industry leading preclinical facility and staff, has answers. Join us for a 30 minute webinar featuring GCMI Director of Product Development Michael Fisher, Preclinical Program Director Evan Goldberg and Renovo Biomedical’s Anna Fallon on January 14, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. EST.


What attendees will learn

  • At what points should you plan for a preclinical study during early stages of product development? 
  • Is a pilot study right for your technology? 
  • What boxes should you check before starting a good laboratory practices (GLP) preclinical study?
  • When should you engage the FDA to confirm your preclinical testing plan?
  • How should medtech and life science innovators vet preclinical partners?
  • What should you expect from a prospective preclinical partner before you sign a contract?


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About GCMI

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