To our GCMI clients, experts, and friends –

From the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, my team and I have been focused on how GCMI can lend a hand. Today, I am asking you to help us accelerate our efforts.

We are on the frontline of the COVID-19 relief effort.
We are part of a collaboration, together with Georgia Tech and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, that is addressing the severe shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for our nation’s healthcare workers. Our initiative provides, free of charge, the designs, with necessary regulatory guidance, for any Good Manufacturing Practice-compliant manufacturing facility to use in the production and distribution of face shields to hospitals.


We believe that the world’s needs can be met by the right expertise at the right moment. In the last week, hospitals all over the nation have reached out to GCMI for help in sourcing PPE to protect the frontline healthcare workers from COVID-19. A federal government agency asked to speak with our experts in equipment manufacturing to address the design, development and production of critical supplies to help fight this crisis. These are just two of many examples of how we are using GCMI’s platform right now – and we want to do much more.


By combining our non-profit status with our deep expertise in medical innovation, GCMI is able to produce new PPE within 48 hours of receipt of your donation. We have partners ready and waiting in Atlanta to manufacture and ship PPE to support the most critical areas of need. For as little as $2 per unit of PPE, your contribution will make a significant, tangible difference. Our partners have donated initial R&D services, labor, equipment and shipping, but we need to purchase raw materials and supplies to start this chain of events.


You or your organizations may be looking for a way to make an immediate impact on the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are hoping you will consider your partnership with GCMI to achieve our respective goals. Please keep us in mind and we would be grateful for your support via GCMI’s GoFundMe Charity page. 


The quicker we can get PPE to our frontline healthcare workers, the quicker we can beat COVID-19. We have to help. We don’t have a second string.


Stay safe and be well.

Tiffany Wilson