Between the collaborative efforts of the robust medical ecosystem in the Southeast, and the sponsors who have helped us tell our story, this year has been excitingly marked by growth. As we put a bow on a remarkable year, we want to share the advancements made by T3 in 2016, as well as the goals that will be our focus in the year to come.

Joining forces with the Global Center for Medical Innovation to spur medtech development
We joined forces with the Global Center for Medical Innovation (GCMI) in July of this year in order to further streamline the process of taking a novel piece of medical technology from concept to cure to commercialization. The services and expertise that we provide is a critical cog in the wheel of medical device development, and partnering with GCMI has provided our sponsors and clients additional tools that they may need to accelerate product development life cycles and build product portfolios. “Placing T3 Labs under GCMI’s umbrella will enhance operational efficiencies for both, creating and maintaining a capital efficient environment through collaboration and resource alignment,” says Tiffany Wilson, CEO of GCMI and T3 Labs. “This is a high value proposition for medtech innovators, entrepreneurs, and regional economic development.”

We look forward to a banner year in 2017, being under the umbrella of GCMI. With the addition of a medtech accelerator program, as well as close work with the National Cancer Institute and “Cancer Moonshot” initiative to help expedite cancer diagnostic and treatment devices, we will be able to see our partnership make strides for patient care and the medical industry as a whole.

Showcasing our sponsors who help us tell our story
In 2016 we were able to engage with the sponsors that have trusted T3 Labs to guide them in the preclinical testing process to help us tell our story. Each year we host over 2,000 physicians and allied health professionals as they participate in bioskills training programs at T3 Labs. We are thankful to the companies like CardioMEMS, Cormatrix, and Cook Medical that have trusted us to be their preclinical and/or bioskills training partner.

“The facilities are top tier. We designed the facilities to make it easy to move from concept through protocol to budgeting and now it happens as efficiently as possible.” – Dr. Robert Matheny, MD, Chief Scientific Officer of CorMatrix Cardiovascular Inc.

“At the preclinical stage of medical device product development, there is an important opportunity to identify and implement significant improvements before first clinical use. T3 Labs provides extensive expertise and capabilities in the critical preclinical stage of medical device product development.” – Jason White, Senior Director of Product Development, St. Jude Medical

The breadth of knowledge we hold is thanks to the physicians, academics, and innovators that influence our processes, and in 2017 we hope to share more of these stories with you.

Improving our web presence
We spent some time this year zeroing in on our message and refining our web presence! We redesigned our website to have a new look and feel that will better help emphasize our messages, capabilities, outcomes, and initiatives.

If you haven’t spent time clicking through our website, do so now! And to stay informed on the latest happenings at T3, follow us on Linkedin and Twitter!

Expanding our national and international reach
In 2016 we were able to send members of the T3 team to more than 15 conferences, each providing new knowledge, contacts, and opportunities.

We are excited for every opportunity that 2017 will hold when it comes to events and conference season. However, we are particularly excited to attend the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) annual meeting this year because we are confident our preclinical work for orthopedic innovators is best-in-class. At AAOS we will have a booth that will enable us to meet and connect with industry leaders face to face, and have the opportunity to learn how we can better translate their orthopaedic innovations through the various stages of development.

There is much in store for T3 Labs during 2017 as we continue to be a trusted, industry leading preclinical CRO for medical technologies and devices.

If you are a physician innovator with a ‘back of the napkin’ idea or a medical device company of any shape or size evaluating a new product’s readiness for preclinical in 2017, contact us today and let us be your guide and partner in the preclinical process.