Our colleagues at Within3 are using technology to accelerate pharma and medtech innovation in some very interesting ways. Their platform improves life science teams’ engagement with key opinion leaders in asynchronous applications like advisory boards, helps teams find the right KOLs anywhere on the globe and helps teams make the most out of medical congresses by gathering and disseminating ‘on the ground’ insights to advance topical or therapeutic projects in flight among other high value applications and functions.


Specifically regarding preclinical work they write, “Some aspects of preclinical work appear ripe for acceleration – mainly contracting and protocol development, given the number of contributors, frequently in different geographic locations, and the importance of clarity in contribution, timing, and documentation.”


We invite you to take a look at their preclinical acceleration through insights management ‘landscape’ post and follow along as they take a dive into technology’s ability to accelerate innovation, including preclinical work: an endeavor in which we are certainly aligned.


Read on in the Within3 blog and stay tuned for an upcoming Q&A with GCMI’s Director of Scientific Affairs Evan Goldberg.