We know preclinical testing is a substantial commitment of time and treasure for medtech and life science innovators. We also know the most expensive study is the one you have to do twice.


Our response to your request for preclinical work may not be the lowest bottom line price. But please know this: all preclinical programs and RFPs are not created equal. They may or may not include line items that can significantly influence the total fee. Much more goes into the making of a high quality, value-based preclinical study that is critical, but is not always obvious. 


Know this as well, we will never mislead you on price. 

What costs should you expect, and what should you watch out for, when planning your next preclinical study? Will you need specialty supplies or drugs? If you budget three hours for a procedure that ultimately takes five will you see additional charges? We invite you to read more about the common costs in preclinical research you should expect, and what you should watch out for, in your next preclinical program.

If you are evaluating your readiness for preclinical or are ready to put a program and protocol together, let’s talk.