Having attended the annual Heart Rhythm Society Scientific Sessions for the past seven years, we can attest to its industry leading role in the gathering of electrophysiology experts year after year. With that being said, we can’t wait for HRS 2018, May 9-12, in Boston!

When it comes to atrial fibrillation, ablation catheters, mapping catheters, energy-based or navigational devices or  – any medical device or technology that addresses abnormal heart rhythm – we’re in!

A few sessions we are looking forward to include

Wednesday May 9th’s session “The Future is Now: What Electrophysiologists Should Know About Emerging Technology and Cutting Edge Research” will provide an update on some of the translational technologies that may reach the bedside in the not-too-distant future.  At T3 Labs, we enjoy working with emerging technology and devices and the innovators behind them, driving to efficiently bring them to market.

The organized debates bring multiple perspectives to clinical questions that don’t always have black and white answers. Thursday’s debate session “Anticoagulation Can Safely Be Discontinued After Successful Ablation of AF” will surely summarize clinical research and experience on both sides of the argument. While the answers often depend on patient situation and circumstances, it is refreshing to reiterate the reasons for or against such a decision.

Also on Thursday May 10 is the session “Leadless Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices – The Past, Present, and Future” that should update the attendees on the best practices regarding selecting patients, implanting, managing and even removing leadless pacers. This session should be near and dear to Chris’s heart (pun intended) as he helped with development [of a tiny aspect] of a leadless pacemaker during his time working with a medical device manufacturer.

You need a trusted GLP partner.

Originally founded as a cardiovascular research institute, T3 Labs has a decade long track-record in preclinical cardiovascular studies and is known for going above and beyond for sponsors. For these reasons and more, like our staff of surgical specialists and DVMs, many innovators rely on T3 Labs to help bring their cardio devices to market.

This is what Dr. Rebecca Levit, Chief Scientific Officer of CorAmi Therapeutics, a medtech company revolutionizing drug delivery for Atrial Fibrillation, had to say about her experience working with T3 Labs.

“We value T3 Labs because of the top-notch facilities and expertise. We were in need of people with practical experience translating our device beyond the initial idea. It was easy to recognize this unmet need, but I did not understand the complexities that it would take to make it a reality: understanding the market, how to derisk a product, how many studies we would need and what documentation is needed for FDA submission and clearance. T3 is a flexible and efficient environment to work in addition to scientific expertise.”

We have the equipment and capabilities you need.

Proper navigation and placement of devices is critical. Our GE Vivid I Echo system enables perfect trans-septal placement via intra-cardiac echocardiography (ICE), our fixed Philips Cathlab with a full CardioLab suite allows exceptional fluoroscopy, hemodynamic monitoring, and EP recording. Access to CT and MRI allows the monitoring of any post-ablation material. Additionally, we can support evaluations in thigh muscle and offer expertise in myocardial infarction models that provide with a disease ready state for the evaluation of your device. T3 Labs has the medical imaging equipment and expertise needed to accelerate and maximize your investment in preclinical testing.

Are you evaluating your device’s readiness for preclinical testing, or need valuable feedback from clinicians? Or do you just want to talk about the latest in AF innovation? We want to connect with you at HRS 2018. Contact Chris Rolfes a 651-303-5518 to schedule an onsite meeting.