tctTranscatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) is the world’s foremost educational meeting specializing in interventional cardiovascular medicine. This year, TCT 2016 will be hosted October 29th – November 2nd in Washington D.C.

The transcatheter cardiovascular innovation space is ever evolving which makes this conference valuable to the T3 Labs team- but we are particularly excited about TCT this year because, for the first time, we have a booth ( #1159) where we will be able to meet and connect with industry leaders face to face and have the opportunity to learn how we can better translate their cardiothoracic innovations through the various stages of development.

We are also proud to be part of a poster publication completed based on a study utilizing our facilities and resources that will be presented during TCT 2016.

“The Absorb BVS vasomotion study is an important evaluation of the benefits of a bioresorbable coronary scaffold. A four-year study, such as this one, requires a lot of coordination, organization and thoughtfulness. The staff at T3 Labs was extremely helpful and adaptable over the course of this study, providing or locating the expertise needed to fulfill the complex technical requirements.” – Jeff Benham, staff research scientist, preclinical research and biocompatibility for Abbott Vascular

Read the full case study featuring Dr. Bill Gogas, Dr. Sandeep Kumar and Abbott Vascular here.

T3 Labs’ Preclinical Testing Program Director Deepal Panchal, and contributor to the study referenced above, will be onsite learning about the latest breakthroughs and techniques in interventional cardiovascular medicine while connecting with physicians, innovators and device companies.

“The potential to be part of groundbreaking, life-changing therapies by engaging with the leaders in the transcatheter innovation field is the top reason we attend TCT,” says Panchal. “The odds of discovering and partnering with medical device innovators whose work in cardiovascular innovation will generate ‘first of its kind’ documentation or ‘first-in-man’ therapies is strong. We are always eager to learn about the latest developments and innovation in mitral valve technologies, drug eluting scaffold technologies, renal denervation, aortic valve and transcatheter aortic valve replacement [TAVR]. TCT is the place for that.”

You can access the full agenda here.

Connect with our industry leading preclinical CRO scientists at TCT 2016
If you are a physician innovator with a ‘back of the napkin’ idea for a new cardiothoracic device, a medical device company of any shape or size evaluating a new cardio product’s readiness for preclinical, or if you just want to talk about the latest in transcatheter cardiovascular therapeutics, stop by booth 1559 to connect with us or contact Deepal Panchal to schedule an onsite meeting at TCT 2016 October 29 – November 1.