According to Markets and Markets Research, the global market for spinal implants and devices will top $15 billion by 2020(1). In North America, the gathering with arguably the greatest ability to influence that market, its innovation and growth is the North American Spine Society (NASS) Annual Meeting.

T3 Labs Orthopaedic and Spine Program Director Evan Goldberg, a four time veteran of the industry leading spine conference, will be onsite at NASS 2015 in Chicago October 14-17.

“Catching up with our preclinical sponsors and learning about their latest developments and products in the pipeline is a highlight of NASS for me,” Evan said. “It is the place to learn about the latest trends in the field including new devices, biologics and surgical techniques. All of the clinicians, all of the big players and hundreds of innovators evaluating their readiness for a preclinical journey for their orthopedic medical devices are there.”

What you need when you need it in preclinical for orthopaedic and spine

T3 Labs is an industry leading preclinical CRO that provides what you need when you need it for our orthopaedic and spine sponsors in their journeys from proof of concept to first-in-man for their innovative therapies.

“Every time I attend NASS I leave better equipped to improve the efficiency and outcomes of our orthopaedic medical device sponsors’ programs and studies,” Evan said. “From innovative new products currently being evaluated in preclinical spine fusion models and models of intervertebral disc regeneration including biologics, orthopedic surgeons are always looking for better options for patient treatment.

From concept to cure in orthopaedic trauma, one T3 sponsor nears the finish line

“For a sponsor in an orthopaedic trauma model, we are nearing full circle product development, from concept-to-cure. We have helped them navigate the orthopaedic device innovation process from proof-of-concept through their first clinical trials. We believe this sponsor will achieve a ‘first-in-man’ status with a game-changing orthopedic product in the next 12 months. This is precisely what we hope for as an organization, as scientists ourselves and as stewards of our sponsors’ investments in preclinical medical device testing and training.”

T3 Labs’ relationships with the Emory Orthopedics and Spine Center, the Georgia Institute of Technology Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience and GCMI (the Global Center for Medical Innovation, experts in rapid prototyping of new medical products) bring deep knowledge and create seamless simplicity and economy for our orthopedic and spine sponsors via one preclinical CRO engagement.

From bench to bedside, T3 completes the circle with proven medical device training programs

Once your product is on the market, we can help you come full circle with our physician and sales force training programs. Whether your product has just been or is about to be approved or you are at the very early stage of device development seeking your customer feedback, T3 Labs can help you translate rapidly between device testing and regulatory approval ultimately helping you convert sales.

Connect with T3 Labs at NASS 2015

To learn more about T3 Labs’ capabilities in preclinical medical device testing and training for orthopaedic and spine, connect with Evan Goldberg onsite at NASS 2015 October 14 – 17 via email: