We would like to thank Jeremy Kimmel and ALung Technologies for recommending such a wonderful and productive conference: ASAIO 2016. The ASAIO (the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs) event provided us with new insight into new pre-clinical models for heart and respiratory devices. Some of our insights and takeaways from this conference included:

  • During the Pediatric Day 1 session, on mechanical circulatory devices, we learned about the great strides being made with the high-efficiency artificial lung. We also found Pediatric Day 3 very informative, with the session titled “Novel Ideas in MCS – How to Start the Momentum Forward.”
  • One very-heavily attended session was Bioengineering on Day 4, highlighting new technologies on the horizon. Vendors showcased next-generation LVAD platforms, and how these devices are constantly being refined, thereby increasing patient mobility and convenience.
  • We also received a comprehensive update on the industry from Dr. Lara Lund of ALung technologies. We’re proud to be working with ALung, the world’s first fully-integrated system for Respiratory Dialysis.

During the course of the conference, we met new pathology labs that specialize in the histology and pathology on heart and respiratory devices. We also met new sponsors that we have never worked with before, and we’re very excited about the potential for future collaboration. All in all, a great conference, and we’ll be back next year for ASAIO 2017!


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