If you are attending the Wound Healing Society 2016 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, odds are you are less than a mile or 5 minutes away from one of the top preclinical CRO and surgical training facilities in America.

Located near Georgia Tech in midtown Atlanta, just 1 mile from the WHS 2016 venue, the Georgia World Congress Center, T3 Labs provides preclinical testing and training services for therapeutic areas of all types including cardiovascular, orthopaedic, gastro & GI and, yes, wound healing and regenerative including:

  • Full thickness wound healing models
  • Diabetic models in multiple species
  • Angiogenesis
  • Wide variety of test articles including ECM and stem cells
  • Models of infection/bacterial challenge studies
  • Vast array of endpoint assessments from gross observations and mechanical assessments to enhanced imaging techniques and cellular, protein and gene characterizations

We have experience, surgical expertise, veterinary expertise, the tools (including onsite microCT), and support needed to maximize your investment in preclinical for new wound healing and regenerative medical products.

Since January 2012, we have archived more than 50 GLP studies for leading medical device manufacturers of which more than 30 products like Surefire Precision have received regulatory approvals. Every day we put our skills to work for scores of industry leading medical device companies of all sizes like St. Jude Medical, ALung Technologies, Surefire Medical, Alizee Pathology, ImageIQ and more.

In our sponsors’ own words:

Our experience with T3 Labs for the CardioMEMS device created new knowledge and refinements to the device that resulted in a product that was highly mature at the time we started our clinical trials in humans.” – Jason White, Senior Director of Product Development, St. Jude Medical

“T3’s recommendation for the model shift based on their experience and expertise was much more practical for this application based on our device’s capabilities and needs. I am convinced this recommendation has accelerated our product refinement testing and preclinical trials saving ALung time and money at every step along the way.” – Jeremy Kimmel, PhD, Director New Technology, ALung Technologies

Let us put our collective knowledge, resources and thirst for scientific advancement to work bringing your breakthrough medical device or product from concept to commercialization to cure. We can help you get to your goal be it a financial exit or inflection point, regulatory or executive approval or successful medical device training program for practicing surgeons.

Want to maximize your time and investment while in Atlanta for WHS 2016? Contact T3 Labs to arrange a tour of T3 Labs today!


D. Andrew Stevenson, Executive Director, T3 Labs

Contact david.stevenson@emoryhealthcare.org or call (404) 251-0600.