Industry-Leading Preclinical Consulting Services

The value of preclinical consulting from experienced bioengineers with decades of preclinical testing experience should not be underestimated. Preclinical testing, especially when done with high quality and compliance at the fore, can be expensive, but not as expensive as compromising on quality and having to repeat studies to meet the end goal.

Before even requesting a quote for preclinical testing services, life science innovators who require it, per regulatory requirements or otherwise, should solicit preclinical consulting advice from those who have been there and done that many times over; from those who have learned from mistakes – both theirs and their clients.

What questions should you ask the experts when enlisting preclinical consulting advice? Most innovators, be they clinicians or engineers addressing unmet needs or leveraging new science or even large strategic medical device companies, should benefit by asking a preclinical expert the following:

  • How do I know I’m really ready to invest in preclinical testing?
  • Which boxes should I check before making that investment?
  • Are there new models available that will make my preclinical work less (or more) expensive?
  • Should I consider non-GLP ‘pilot’ studies prior to the GLP study?
  • What does a successful preclinical study and report for my technology look like?
  • How long will it take from beginning to end?
  • How much time and money should I budget for preclinical testing?


We receive scores, if not hundreds, of requests for GLP preclinical testing programs every year. In 100%percent of those cases, we provide high value preclinical consulting gratis as part of our cost of business development. Though that does have limits.

GCMI’s mission is to accelerate the speed and capital efficiency with which new medical devices and products are brought to market and patient care. We are the country’s proving ground for global medtech innovations. Our preclinical testing and bioskills training service line is committed to providing high value, industry-leading preclinical testing and bioskills training services.

So if you are evaluating your readiness for preclinical testing, have had poor preclinical experiences in the past or have questions about your commercialization pathway and need to talk to an expert, contact us to schedule a preclinical consulting session today.

We offer the following types of preclinical consulting:

  • Program Management

    With adherence to industry guidelines and SOPs, our dedicated program management team provides support for your preclinical research program.

  • Study Design

    Protocol and design writing with regulatory agencies in mind. We take into account the models and equipment necessary.

  • Regulatory Pathway

    We provide consulting for the medical product regulatory pathway through our Lifecycle Advisory services.