Quick Insights Aligned in Acceleration: Indeed, the Most Expensive Preclinical Study is the One You Have to Do Twice

As mentioned in a post last month, our colleagues at Within3 are using technology to accelerate pharma and medtech innovation in some very interesting ways, all of which center around actionable insights generation and insights management. 


Given the nature of truly novel drugs and medical technologies, preclinical studies, especially ‘pilot’ studies, need to, and can shift on the fly. The question is, how, how quickly and to what effect?


“Sometimes it’s as simple as…this medication is having unintended consequences on the test article, or the surgical procedure that we outlined in the protocol is just not appropriate for the device,” says [GCMI Director of Scientific Affairs Evan] Goldberg. “It could be that the size of the device – on either end of the spectrum – is inappropriate. Sometimes it’s changing the survival time. Sometimes a shift to an acute situation is needed. Sometimes it’s appropriate or advantageous to add subjects with a chronic condition at a later stage in the study not previously anticipated.” 


“The ability to catch these issues early enough can allow teams to act, influencing the study even as it’s underway.”


We invite you to take a look at their thoughts and Evan’s additional insights on preclinical agility and how “Obtaining, analyzing, and sharing insights right from the beginning can add agility, enabling teams to conserve critical resources and potentially bring treatments to market more efficiently.”


Read on in the Within3 blog.