In this era of consolidation, the dwindling number of preclinical CROs often aren’t interested in developing new models or venturing outside of their well established protocols.


Why choose GCMI for your preclinical testing needs? We are collaborative and accountable. We are committed to meeting your needs on your timeline and on your budget.


We won’t turn your project away because it’s too hard, or because we haven’t done it before. 


We stand by our work. And if a regulatory body comes back with questions, we’re happy to work with them quickly so as to not hold up the application. However, it is much more common for regulatory submissions supported by data generated at T3 Labs to return zero questions.


“Every T3 Labs scientist exhibits exemplary levels of professionalism when it comes to interacting with the physicians and associated team members we bring in to conduct our preclinical tests. T3 Labs has been a true partner throughout this entire process. – Vesalio CEO Steve Rybka


“The entire staff is excited and interested in our technology.” – Dr. Rebecca Levit, Chief Scientific Officer of CorAmi Therapeutics”


Another promise: we will never mislead you on price.


If you are evaluating your readiness for preclinical or are ready to put a program and protocol together, let’s talk.