An affiliate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, the Global Center for Medical Innovation (GCMI) helps verify, validate and accelerate commercialization of new medical technologies that save lives and improve patient care. From our Northyards and 14th Street facilities in midtown Atlanta, we help find the finish line for medtech innovations at any point on the pathway from bench to bedside.

Additionally, GCMI and T3 Labs proudly support BME Capstone teams with our medtech design, development and preclinical testing resources including facilities, staff, materials and know-how.

Principal investigators, faculty and student projects served include: Dr. Andres Garcia, Dr. Scott Hollister, Dr. Omer Inan, the Coulter Foundation, over 20 additional GT faculty members and dozens of BME Capstone teams.

This archive details just how we do that and to what effect.

Faculty Researchers and Innovators: What you need to know about IRBs and the medtech innovation process – Insights & Recording

New medical technologies or devices cannot enter stages of research or clinical trials in humans without certain authorizations required by regulatory agencies responsible for safety and efficacy. As far as those regulatory bodies are concerned, the path to clinical trials in humans is the same whether it’s research or commercial driven. Failing to walk that…

Georgia Tech researchers partner with GCMI to move their innovative IV Sensor closer to clinical trials

In 2014, a Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta nurse, Lynn Pogue, approached an engineer, Leanne West from Georgia Tech, to discuss the burden of IV monitoring. This is when Sherry Farrugia, the current Chief Executive Officer of GCMI, stepped in to help assemble the team that would begin the investigation into a new device capable of…

GCMI Capstone Support Spotlight: The Hemogoblins: Extending the Shelf Life of Cold Stored Whole Blood

According to the American Red Cross, every two seconds someone in the United States needs a blood transfusion. That fails to take into account injuries sustained by troops in war zones or others needing the precious resource in corners of the world that can take days or weeks to reach.   Yet currently, whole blood…

Wearable pediatric stethoscope wins inaugural GCMI Baby SharQ Tank competition.

A team of mechanical, electrical and computing engineers, supported by the Director of Cardiac Intensive Care for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, has been named winner of the inaugural GCMI Baby SharQ Tank Pitch Competition for their novel, low cost, wearable pediatric stethoscope.   The interdisciplinary team, including engineers (Dr. Hong Yeo, Dr. Yun-Soung Kim, and…

From Capstone through CREATE-X and on to the precipice of commercialization: Ethos Medical’s medtech journey for its novel spinal guidance system

In 2018, GCMI chronicled one Georgia Tech Capstone team’s effort to end complications from epidural misplacement.   Fast forward more than three years and the promising product dubbed Neuraline has evolved to become a new medtech startup: Ethos Medical. The Ethos team leveraged the supporting elements and mentors within the Georgia Tech CREATE-X program—with assistance…

StrideLink Walks Quickly Into the Future of Physical Therapy Through CREATE-X and GCMI

How we walk is a key indicator of any injury, recovery pathway and overall health. Clinicians’ analysis for assessment of gait is still done in a highly subjective way with the naked eye. As such, physical therapists struggle to track patients’ recovery and therapeutic process without a technical, objective yet visual solution for gait assessment.…

Family ties to clinical care professionals drive the Fluid Fighters’ to help solve a painful problem for paracentesis.

The Fluid Fighters Capstone team needed to test their prototype for draining rates and tissue adherence or occlusion avoidance. GCMI’s preclinical testing and bioskills training arm T3 Labs provided the facility and resources the team needed to complete the task.

Fast tracking a fix for intraoperative alignment in surgery to correct severe scoliosis: Meet Spring 2021 Capstone Design Team ScolAlign

Yoel Alperin, Parth Gami, Sindhu Kannappan and Kelly Qiu comprise the Georgia Tech Spring 2021 Capstone Design Team ScolAlign. Their technology seeks to objectively improve the standard of care for intraoperative spinal alignment during scoliosis correction surgery.

Increasing Availability of Lateral Access Spinal Surgery Training: GT Spring ’21 Capstone “Vertebros”

“Our validation work would not have been possible without GCMI’s support and T3 Labs’ facility and equipment. Being ‘radio-opaque’ is a critical design input for this tool. That type of feedback is impossible without a proper operating room environment.”