An affiliate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, the Global Center for Medical Innovation (GCMI) helps verify, validate and accelerate commercialization of new medical technologies that save lives and improve patient care. From our Northyards and 14th Street facilities in midtown Atlanta, we help find the finish line for medtech innovations at any point on the pathway from bench to bedside.

Additionally, GCMI and T3 Labs proudly support BME Capstone teams with our medtech design, development and preclinical testing resources including facilities, staff, materials and know-how.

Principal investigators, faculty and student projects served include: Dr. Andres Garcia, Dr. Scott Hollister, Dr. Omer Inan, the Coulter Foundation, over 20 additional GT faculty members and dozens of BME Capstone teams.

This archive details just how we do that and to what effect.

Attacking the Challenges of Achalasia: GT Capstone’s “G.I. (Mostly) Joes”

“We needed to validate whether or not our device could create the appropriate pressures needed to restore esophageal function in tissue that closely mimics live human tissue… in a safe environment for live tissue where sanitation would not be a concern. The GCMI and T3 Labs team helped prepare the space, tools, and specimen we needed for the validation testing event.”

Under pressure: cadaveric testing yields initial human organ validation for GT Capstone Expo winners’ minimally invasive treatment for cardiac arrest

There are approximately 292,000 cases of in-hospital cardiac arrest every year for which the survival rate is less than 24 percent. Resuscitative efforts and supporting technologies are ineffective, slow, fatiguing, traumatic and expensive.   As their Fall 2020 Capstone Project, a group of students from the Georgia Tech Schools of Biomedical, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering…

Testing beyond the bench: how GCMI supported GT Capstone’s “Incisionizers” with early stage validation testing for its novel retraction device.

Georgia Tech recently completed its Fall 2020 (virtual) Capstone Design Expo. From the project’s website, “The Capstone Design Expo showcases Georgia Tech’s graduating seniors as they present their innovative projects designed and built during the Capstone Design Course. Students work in teams to solve either an industry problem, develop innovative tools to assist researchers, or…

Aspiring to create a brand new solution for patient aspiration during EGDs – GT Capstone Day at GCMI: Bullseye

Georgia Tech biomedical engineering students Oscar Gutierrez, Ahmed Alnamos, Nishani Kanthasamy and Sondos Alnamos make up the team ‘Bullseye’ for the Fall 2019 edition of the Capstone Program. Their device seeks to provide a solution for patients who are at risk of aspiration but do not otherwise require general anesthesia during Esophagogastroduodenoscopy, or EGD, procedures

Bridging disciplines to create a new solution for central and arterial line placement – GT Capstone Day at GCMI: S.A.V.A.G.E.

Georgia Tech Biomedical Engineering students Robert Bridenhagen, Gabriel Cruz, and Annika Clawson teamed up with Computer Engineering student Matthew Aspinwall and Electrical Engineering student Matthew Zilvetti to form the interdisciplinary team S.A.V.A.G.E.