GCMI’s affiliation with Georgia Tech provides a remarkable opportunity to collaborate with faculty, researchers and students in the innovation of new medical products in our own backyard. 


More broadly, Georgia Tech’s impact on the state’s economy totaled $4 billion in the fiscal year 2020 according to data released by the University System of Georgia. GCMI was honored to be mentioned as one of the organizations that contributed to this remarkable number. 


From the article: 


Companies like SalesLoft, Greenlight, and Pindrop all graduated from Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) — the state’s oldest technology incubator — and have stayed headquartered in Atlanta, infusing millions in capital and thousands of jobs into the state economy. Other startup programs on campus include VentureLab, ENGAGE, and the Global Center for Medical Innovation, to name a few, helping students and faculty set up companies based on creative ideas and technological innovation. 


“The amount of trust, focus, and support the Georgia Tech ecosystem will give you is incredible, and can propel you far if you utilize it correctly. But ultimately, then you have a large responsibility and goal to try to give back as much as you can.” – Sean Henry, Co-Founder and CEO, Stord


GCMI’s affiliation with Georgia Tech has facilitated a number of collaborations with Georgia Tech faculty and researchers to advance their scientific research, including with Dr. Scott Hollister and Dr. Omer Inan, and students through programs like CREATE-X and the Capstone Design Expo. 


Specifically, we invite you to take a look at Ethos Medical’s journey from Capstone through CREATE-X to discover the role that GCMI plays in medtech commercialization. 


“GCMI’s affiliation with Georgia Tech has allowed us to support the next generation of engineers, researchers, students, and entrepreneurs, and medical product developers from concept to commercialization,” stated GCMI’s CEO, Sherry Farrugia. “Seeing the impact of this collaboration is both exciting and rewarding.”


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