Why GCMI for your medtech design & development needs? We have established a proven, capital-efficient pathway and process.

A medtech or life science project’s success is dependent on the careful consideration of several intersecting components: technological, clinical, commercial and legal. GCMI follows a structured, phase-gated process that allows for a disciplined, capital efficient medical device design and product development approach.

Family ties to clinical care professionals drive the Fluid Fighters’ to help solve a painful problem for paracentesis.

The Fluid Fighters Capstone team needed to test their prototype for draining rates and tissue adherence or occlusion avoidance. GCMI’s preclinical testing and bioskills training arm T3 Labs provided the facility and resources the team needed to complete the task.

Fast tracking a fix for intraoperative alignment in surgery to correct severe scoliosis: Meet Spring 2021 Capstone Design Team ScolAlign

Yoel Alperin, Parth Gami, Sindhu Kannappan and Kelly Qiu comprise the Georgia Tech Spring 2021 Capstone Design Team ScolAlign. Their technology seeks to objectively improve the standard of care for intraoperative spinal alignment during scoliosis correction surgery.

Increasing Availability of Lateral Access Spinal Surgery Training: Georgia Tech Spring 2021 Capstone Design Expo’s “Vertebros”

Lateral access has become the preferred, minimally invasive method for lumbar spinal surgery. Entering the torso from the side significantly shortens patient recovery times and lessens tissue trauma thanks to a smaller incision requirement.   Thorough surgical training programs are required to ensure physicians avoid localized damage to nerves in the pathway between the incision…

Attacking the Challenges of Achalasia: GT Capstone’s “G.I. (Mostly) Joes”

According to Cleveland Clinic, “Achalasia develops in about 1 in every 100,000 people in the U.S. each year. It is typically diagnosed in adults between the ages of 25 and 60, but can occur in children as well (less than 5% of cases are in children under age 16).”   The cause is unknown, there…

Dr. Emily Blum, Medical Affairs Liaison for GCMI, Named Emory University Adjunct Assistant Professor

Congratulations to GCMI’s very own: Dr. Emily Blum on her recent advancement within Emory University from Adjunct Clinical Instructor to Adjunct Assistant Professor. The advancement is a testament to Dr. Blum’s commitment to education and clinical research. Emily is instrumental in advancing med tech innovation for GCMI. She works tirelessly to promote GCMI in successfully…

Why GCMI for preclinical testing and bioskills training? Commitment to value.

We know preclinical testing is a substantial commitment of time and treasure for medtech and life science innovators. We also know the most expensive study is the one you have to do twice.   Our response to your request for preclinical work may not be the lowest bottom line price. But please know this: all…