What do you get out of GCMI’s Phase Zero?

Fast track answers to critical questions that de-risk medtech innovations   When an innovator has identified a medical problem, taking an efficient approach to minimize risk and identify the viability of potential solutions is key. Our Phase Zero focuses on evaluating critical product elements early, minimizing risk, cost and effort.    Key questions: What is…

Aspiring to create a brand new solution for patient aspiration during EGDs – GT Capstone Day at GCMI: Bullseye

Georgia Tech biomedical engineering students Oscar Gutierrez, Ahmed Alnamos, Nishani Kanthasamy and Sondos Alnamos make up the team ‘Bullseye’ for the Fall 2019 edition of the Capstone Program. Their device seeks to provide a solution for patients who are at risk of aspiration but do not otherwise require general anesthesia during Esophagogastroduodenoscopy, or EGD, procedures