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Bioskills Training

We provide medical device training for medical product manufacturers.


Our Services

T3 Labs is a trusted, proven industry-leading preclinical CRO for medical device and other medical products. We have archived more than 50 GLP studies for leading medical device manufacturers of which more than 25 products have received regulatory approvals. Through our preclinical testing services, we help new medical product developers prove their products are safe and effective in live models prior to clinical trials.

Our Facilities

T3 Labs is an AAALAC accredited facility that conducts feasibility, proof of concept, safety, and GLP medical device testing for studies in any therapeutic area and in small and large models. Our staff of biomedical engineers understands our customers’ science and are prepared to support sponsors at multiple inflection points on their pathway from concept to commercialization.

Our Sponsors

Throughout our GLP studies, we have worked with numerous sponsors and leading medical device manufacturers. When it comes to proving ourselves as an industry-leading preclinical CRO, we like to let their testimonials and overall experiences do the talking. Click here to see what some of our sponsors have to say about our preclinical testing services.

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