Attacking the Challenges of Achalasia: GT Capstone’s “G.I. (Mostly) Joes”

“We needed to validate whether or not our device could create the appropriate pressures needed to restore esophageal function in tissue that closely mimics live human tissue… in a safe environment for live tissue where sanitation would not be a concern. The GCMI and T3 Labs team helped prepare the space, tools, and specimen we needed for the validation testing event.”

Dr. Emily Blum, Medical Affairs Liaison for GCMI, Named Emory University Adjunct Assistant Professor

Congratulations to GCMI’s very own: Dr. Emily Blum on her recent advancement within Emory University from Adjunct Clinical Instructor to Adjunct Assistant Professor. The advancement is a testament to Dr. Blum’s commitment to education and clinical research. Emily is instrumental in advancing med tech innovation for GCMI. She works tirelessly to promote GCMI in successfully…