Tiffany Wilson, CEO of GCMI & T3 Labs

GCMI and T3 Labs are proud of our CEO Tiffany Wilson and the commitment and fervor she brings to the medical device community. Recently, Tiffany was recognized as one of Inc.’s “17 inspiring women to watch in 2017.” Each woman spotlighted is an exemplar of leadership and tenacity: acting as a driving force for their organizations and industries. So, of course, we are excited, but not surprised, that Tiffany made the list.

Tiffany came to be an industry leader in medtech innovation by spending years in the ecosystem: initially consulting medtech M&A deals to leading business development and corporate strategy for medtech startups, then climbing the ranks at GCMI and serving on the board of the Southeastern Medical Device Association (SEMDA). She admits her story, and the stories of others involved in medtech development, is usually sparked by the question “how can I play a role in the process of helping others, saving lives and improving patient quality of life?”

“The underlying this industry, no matter who you talk -whether it is an executive, a marketing person, or an engineer- in that conversation with that person you will get to the fundamental link between everyone in this industry: it is all about the patient,” says Tiffany.

According to author Lisa Calhoun, managing partner of Valor Ventures, “Tiffany knows it’s game time for the medical device industry–and yet many medical device entrepreneurs struggle to find resources and expertise. Tiffany decided to change that landscape,” And changing the landscape, she is. With GCMI’s recent acquisition of T3 Labs, the nascent launch of a new medical device accelerator, a medtech seed fund in the works, and a blossoming partnership with the Biden National Cancer Moonshot Initiative, Tif has a busy year ahead.

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About GCMI and T3 Labs
The Global Center for Medical Innovation (GCMI) brings together core members of the medical device community, including universities, research centers, clinicians, established device companies, investors and startups, with the goal of accelerating the commercialization of innovative medical technology. With the addition of T3 Labs, officially announced in July of this year, the process of bringing a medical device from concept to cure to commercialization is further streamlined. This has created an all-in-one resource for innovators by bringing together the experts of the commercialization process, GCMI, and the professionals who are able to guide innovators through preclinical testing in a AAALAC accredited and GLP compliant facility

Are you a physician innovator or engineer with an innovative medtech idea seeking a quality partner to help navigate the pathway from concept to cure to commercialization? GCMI and T3 Labs can help.