Pediatrics 2040 (Peds2040) is the annual meeting hosted by the international Society for Pediatric Innovation (iSPI). The conference connects clinical specialists, entrepreneurs, industry leaders and allied healthcare professionals committed to bettering patient outcomes in pediatrics. In attending PEDS2040 GCMI/T3 Labs was given a unique opportunity to be surrounded by the whole of the pediatric innovation community and to witness the future of pediatrics.

To wrap up the 3 day conference held from January 4 through the 6th in Miami, Florida, Tiffany Wilson, CEO GCMI/T3 Labs was honored to give the closing remarks alongside Dr. Narendra Kini, MD who is a true leader in pediatric care: serving as the President and CEO of Miami Children’s Hospital.

Below are just a few of the highlights from the conference closing keynote focused on enlivening innovation, and insights into goals GCMI/T3 Labs has set for pediatric innovation in the years to come.

Creating a culture with the mindset of innovation and collaboration.
Everyone has a different idea of what medical innovation is or should look like. If the goal is progress and bettering patient outcomes we must focus on the problem that needs to be addressed and develop technology based solutions- which takes a village. Healthcare is a multidisciplinary industry, which is always clearly represented during conferences like PEDS2040. And because the industry is layered with expertise, we must engage each rung in the medtech ladder during every step of the innovation process. These words ring true: “Innovation is a cultural tool for future change,” said Dr. Jordan Shlain, MD. “You cannot do innovation without a team.”

So collaborate! Odds are that not all resources exist within your organization so it is crucial to connect with your ecosystem.

Using available resources and thinking like an investor.
Bringing a novel medical technology to market requires abundant capital. In order to make the most of non dilutive funding for pediatric device development, it is advantageous to understand what investors want to see and create a roadmap complete with milestones.

Here is what an investor is looking for:

  • Market and customer validation
  • Technology validation and clean intellectual property
  • A viable business model (i.e., can this make money?)
  • A talented team with experienced leadership
  • A clear financial plan with capital requirements, use of funds, and likely returns
  • A viable execution plan to transition from innovation to commercialization

Are you seeking a trusted partner that has the capability to help you maneuver the medical device developmental pathway from understanding the clinical need, to market analysis and IP procurement, then design, prototyping, preclinical testing, translation, and commercialization? GCMI and T3 Labs is an all-in-one resource for pediatric medical device innovators: bringing together the experts of the commercialization process, GCMI, and the professionals at T3 who are able to guide innovators through preclinical testing in an AAALAC accredited and GLP compliant facility. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you take your novel idea and turn it into the next medtech innovation.