Last month, Georgia Tech named Raghupathy “Siva” Sivakumar inaugural Interim Chief Commercialization Officer. From Georgia Tech Research Horizons:


Sivakumar will bring together commercialization and technology transfer activities from across campus with a goal of moving more intellectual property out into the marketplace to help expand Georgia Tech’s impact on the world. Attaining that goal will involve increasing the number of startups launched by faculty, staff, and students, expanding the amount of technology transferred to industry – and instilling entrepreneurial confidence in faculty, staff, and students.


“We want to make Georgia Tech the number one startup campus in the country,” Sivakumar said. “The culture on campus is changing to embrace commercialization, entrepreneurship, and technology transfer to power an ecosystem that is generating impact in those areas. We are changing the culture in such a way that we’ll absolutely get to the next level.”


We enthusiastically congratulate Siva on his new role and look forward to working with him in collaborations with Georgia Tech faculty, researchers, engineers and students to give their innovative medical technologies the best chance of commercialization and entry into patient care.


Read the full article in Georgia Tech Research Horizons here.


GCMI is the U.S. proving ground for global medical innovation. Our mission is to help direct the development, testing, training and commercialization of innovative medical products that improve quality based outcomes and delivery of healthcare for patients. We do so through our phase-gated approach to medical technology development and industry leading preclinical facility and staff. 


We are proud to support the work of Georgia Tech alumni innovators like Associate Professor of Engineering Chris Saldana’s personal protective equipment designs we helped commercialize. To date more than 2 million face shields have been delivered to frontline healthcare workers across the country. 


“[GCMI has] proficiency in delivering products to markets including working with frontline hospitals and health systems where these shields will be put to use protecting the professionals treating patients.” – Chris Saldana


We also support the next generation of biomedical innovators through Georgia Tech Capstone projects every year and helped Jackson Medical bring their GloShield technology to market in an effort to eliminate ‘never events’ from operating rooms worldwide.


“GCMI helped to characterize our use need and the thermal environment, then prototyped solutions that met the more refined specifications. We knew that we had an innovative concept and that there is nothing like GloShield currently on the market, but needed to ensure that we were taking the correct steps that would help us reach commercialization in a timely and cost-efficient manner.” – James Rains, Professor of the Practice, Walter H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering.


From the back of the napkin through preclinical studies and regulatory submission, it’s never too early to connect with GCMI to give your innovation the best chance to reach commercialization and patient care.


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