Innovative medical technologies start with a great idea, novel science and an identified unmet clinical need. The process by which these technologies enter clinical care is as complicated as the science behind it. On October 7th, Georgia Tech Associate Professor of Engineering Christopher Saldana and the team at GCMI shared the impetus, idea, regulatory requirements and processes that moved Chris’ team’s engineering idea out of his lab and into the hands of frontline healthcare professionals all in the midst of a pandemic.


  • How dire was the clinical need?
  • What was needed to turn engineering designs into products ready for commercial use?
  • How did you expedite the design and development process in a highly regulated environment and a global pandemic?
  • How did GCMI and GT teams work together through the design and development process?
  • How did you actually get products to the hospitals?
  • As a 501(c)3 organization, how did GCMI accelerate the pace at which Georgia Tech researchers and faculty transferred their ideas from the office or classroom into the market?


Watch, listen and learn from their experience.



If you have an idea, design or maybe even a prototype for a new technology with medical care potential, it’s never too early to reach out to us. Contact and a member of the team will connect with you. 


About GCMI

GCMI helps verify, validate and accelerate commercialization of new medical technologies that save lives and improve patient care. From our Northyards and 14th Street facilities in midtown Atlanta, we help find the finish line for medtech innovations at any point on the pathway from bench to bedside.