“I would highly recommend and strongly endorse T3 Labs as the ‘Go To’ contract research organization to conduct preclinical research studies.” – Dr. Lindon H. Young, Young Therapeutics, LLC

Dr. Lindon Young, Young Therapeutics, LLC

A good preclinical partner must be able to adapt to the needs, schedule and budget for a specific project. T3 Labs, now part of GCMI, has been an outstanding partner in supporting ALung throughout many preclinical studies.


Initially, we knew we would need a partner to help us successfully navigate the process, concept to commercialization. We found that partner in GCMI.

Piedmont Healthcare

GCMI was instrumental in our early development including prototyping that led to a product candidate we could take into clinical trials. We used their space, cleanrooms, equipment, and personnel to help develop and validate our product candidate and its value.

Clearside Biomedical

We are still engaged with GCMI to this day. We utilize GCMI for our office space. We work with the team constantly on GloShield’s development and by osmosis, we continue to learn.


These are fundamental steps for any company going through acceleration. The fact that we are making these plans indicate significant progress resulting from our work in the GCMI accelerator.

Ares Health

GCMI was incredibly flexible with us. We could essentially be a la carte with their services, such as design, machine shop, software, and documentation. This was ideal given that, like many medical device startups, we had a limited budget and only needed certain services.


T3 Labs accelerated our product refinement testing and preclinical trials, saving us time and money at every step along the way.


I am convinced this recommendation has accelerated our product refinement testing and preclinical trials, saving ALung time and money at every step along the way. Through smart trial and error, we have gone from inconsistent initial outcomes to a position of confidence that we have determined the best protocol to use.


We have not once veered from our relationship with T3 Labs and have no intentions of doing so. I wish I could bring the T3 staff to Europe for research programs that must be done there. The T3 staff handle everything required with the utmost professionalism and consideration.