GCMI recently announced the formation of a medtech startup accelerator with Rambam Health Care Campus in Israel. Thanks to Hypepotamus for its coverage detailing how the project expands GCMI’s effort to accelerate global medtech innovation in a capital efficient way, building upon our existing A1 Accelerator.

The support of Atlanta – Israel Business Connector “Connex” and the Consul General of Israel to the Southeast United States was instrumental to the accelerator’s formation as well.

From the article:

Atlanta and Israel are logical partners in furthering medical technology innovation. The Southeast led the country in medtech employment from 2012–2014, with industry-related employment in the region growing by 5.1 percent in the same period. Atlanta is already strong in health IT, health technology and related industries.

Once in the [accelerator] program, the startups will gain access to funding, U.S. commercialization expertise, and help with medical-specific challenges such as preclinical trials, FDA clearance and more, in addition to general market readiness and product development.

As mentioned in the article, Israel is tied with UK for second-highest medical device deal share and GCMI plans to attract some of this innovation to Atlanta and the Southeast.

“Phase 0” assessments for entry into the medtech startup accelerator will take place in Haifa, Israel with assistance from GCMI in the evaluation, selection and early support of prospective accelerator candidates. Startups with high potential will then be filtered and ushered into the Atlanta-based program, receiving a customized plan ranging from 6-12 months and gaining access to all of GCMI’s available resources and expertise.

You can click here to view the full article by Hypepotamus.