September 10, 2018 (Atlanta, GA) – The Global Center for Medical Innovation (GCMI) announces it has selected Ares Health Systems as the first digital health startup for its “A1” accelerator program.

“We have a well-developed population health solution, but need the commercialization pathway experience and health system relationships GCMI can provide to further prove our value to the marketplace,” says Ares Health Systems CEO Martin Entwistle.

Ares’ Mpower Your Health(R) (Mpower) digital health platform transforms care management by closing the gap in care between physician visits by generating, interpreting and delivering consumable, actionable patient data outside of the care setting. Patients engage in their care plan through direct feedback on progress against set goals. Clinicians can then intervene as needed with those that need active support nearly in real-time.

“There is no shortage of apps and data sources of potential value to patient care, but most remain disconnected from clinical management workflows,” Entwistle says. “Mpower bridges that gap. There is a big difference in outcomes, quality scores and potentially reimbursement, when a clinician is alerted early that a patient is struggling with their care in the days and weeks following their doctor visit rather than being unaware there are issues until the next appointment possibly months later.”

Originating out of California-based Sutter Health, Ares’ digital health technology was recently awarded access to the Microsoft for Startups program, providing $500 million to new digital health product developers. Among other benefits, Microsoft will help Ares best deploy Mpower across the Azure platform for customer delivery simplification and scalability optimization as the user-base grows.

“There is a big difference in platform requirements at 5,000 users and 1 million users,” Entwistle says. “GCMI’s and Microsoft’s support will help us scale the Mpower solution, validate our value proposition to both the clinical and investment communities, and link-up with strategic partners to assist commercialization.”

GCMI’s A1 accelerator provides prescriptive, product-specific development expertise for high potential startups and innovators to accelerate time to market in a disciplined, milestone-driven, capital efficient environment.

“Ares is a perfect fit for GCMI because it adds a promising digital health company to our portfolio and increases the speed at which they can prove their value to health system partners, including those with which we have existing relationships,” says GCMI Executive Director Andrew Stevenson.

Ares and GCMI are working towards a pilot with a large Atlanta-based health system anticipated to launch in late Q4 2018.

“The commercialization pathway is often hidden from digital health startups,” Entwistle says. “GCMI’s proven ability to streamline the pathway from concept to commercialization in the complex medical device arena should translate well into our own digital health journey as a young company in a highly competitive, highly rigorous industry.” |

Paul Snyder
Write2Market for GCMI