“Atlanta is a rich community for healthcare leaders and innovative thinkers.”

Through the lens of Atlanta’s medtech innovation ecosystem, GCMI and T3 Labs CEO Tiffany Wilson recently spoke with Sky Magazine about the resources available to medical device innovators and startups in Atlanta. Many of GCMI and T3 Labs partners and sponsors were highlighted in the November issue – including Micron, a collaboration between Emory, Georgia Tech, and GCMI that produced the microneedle patch for flu vaccination.

From the article: “Micron’s technology went from concept to clinical trials with the help of the Global Center for Medical Innovation. GCMI, with its subsidiary T3 Labs, a preclinical contract research organization, offers medical innovators assets, infrastructure and expertise they need to take a medical device from concept to commercialization. GCMI brings in 2,000 to 3,000 physicians from all over the world every year; it works alongside physician innovators, hospital teams, Fortune 500s, startups and academic and government-funded innovators to commercialize innovative medical devices and products, like the microneedle patch, that improve health and healthcare delivery.

“GCMI addresses a gap that exists in the Southeast,” says Tiffany Wilson, CEO of GCMI. “There’s a tremendous amount of innovation in bioscience, but that’s not necessarily reflected in startup activity.”

“When it comes to increasing global access to lifesaving advancements and technologies, the whole world has a stake in Atlanta’s bioscience success.”

You can read the article in full here.

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