New GCMI medtech accelerator generates first industry partner in BD.

Last week we announced the formal launch of GCMI’s new medtech accelerator. Thanks to our industry partners Becton, Dickinson and Company, we have added a significant new asset to the Southeast medical device ecosystem.

Danielle Kirsh, reporter for MassDevice and Medical Design & Outsourcing wrote:

“Too many medtech startups fail unnecessarily due to a lack of bridge, or seed funding, required to advance far enough in the commercialization process to attract investment by a larger device company,” said Tiffany Wilson, CEO of Atlanta-based GCMI and its preclinical testing and training arm T3 Labs.”

“The Southeast has led the country in medtech employment from 2012 to 2014, according to executive director of the Southeastern Medical Device Association Jason Rupp. The Southeast added 2,874 medical device jobs, up 5.1%, between 2012 and 2014, even though the medtech industry faced a 0.1% decline in employment, added Rupp. The region added 174 establishments during the same period, which was a 9.4% increase.

“GCMI’s Medtech Accelerator represents a profound step forward for the medtech ecosystem in the southeastern United States,” Rupp said. “It is precisely the kind of asset needed to increase regional medtech investment and maximize our local and regional resources’ capabilities to drive improvements in patient care and meaningful economic growth.”

Ellen Strahlman, MD, MHSc, Executive Vice President R&D and Chief Medical Officer for BD told us, “In spite of best efforts, medtech startups still face ‘a valley of death’ when it comes to securing funding and bringing the first product to market. GCMI represents a unique way to address that issue and the program dovetails nicely with BD’s global accelerator partnerships.”

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You can read the comprehensive piece in MassDevice’s sister publication Medical Design & Outsourcing) here.

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