Your physicians and sales teams need the best training available. For medical device innovators, what are the must haves that maximize your investment in Bio-skills training? Our colleague Margie Sullivan with Cook Medical, an industry leader in technologies that eliminate the need for open surgery, shared with us the top ways T3 meets Cook Medical’s needs from a Bio-skills training CRO.

“T3 meets or exceeds all of our mission critical requirements for medical device training. We would not be as effective in the marketplace if it wasn’t for T3 Labs.” – Margie Sullivan, Training Coordinator, Vista Education & Collaboration Program, Cook Medical


Results: How T3 Labs maximizes Cook Medical’s investment in medical device training and development

1. ROI & new ideas

cook medical 3My observation is that ROI has increased with continued and dedicated partnerships with our physicians through medical device training programs through T3 Labs.

New ideas contributing to process improvement: expanding the opportunities to shift from animal to cadaveric. New ideas brought forth by T3 Labs allow our engineers to think beyond animal labs to cadaveric capability. Can we do this in a cadaver? Would this significant model shift create better products at the same time as eliminating the need for animal studies? We are currently working with T3 to determine how to simulate the disease environment in cadaveric models for training instead of in vivo models.

T3 Labs’ medical device training expertise and interest in scientific advancement helps us unlock the potential to bring new or redesigned products to market. An insightful, team approach also enables me to improve processes within my training courses.

2. Our physician surveys consistently show high rankings for setup, physical environment, equipment, specimens at T3 Labs.

The team members at T3 Labs are consummate professionals that make my work seem effortless. They allow us to make that educational environment the best it can be so that physicians improve patient care in our product line. It is stable, secure, clean, friendly and fun.

The respect that is shown for our program, specimens, physicians and staff runs through the entire T3 team. Our physicians feel this right away. I can’t think of any course that didn’t work well.

Timing: In real world OR experiences, patients need to be anesthetized, operated upon, and moved into recovery as quickly as possible. Our physicians and associated product professionals get the same experience at T3.

Because of the professionals at their lab, it’s an operating routine. The tactile skills and attention to detail are as good as the techs in the hospital. Physicians will bark out orders and T3 gives them what they need as they would experience in an OR. Their imaging and x-ray support are unsurpassed in the medical product training realm.

3. Location & logistics

T3 Labs is located 20 minutes from the world’s busiest airport: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. There are multiple transportation opportunities to and from the airport to T3 Labs. There are also scores of lodging and restaurant options within minutes of T3’s facility. This saves our physicians and team members time, and saves our organization money in transit costs.

For our onsite needs, the T3 staff always ensures our physicians and team leave educated and well nourished with a positive feeling about the time invested. Several hundred of our partner physicians have perfected their skills at T3 Labs.

4. Communication

An immense amount of work goes into these courses, inclusive of input from scientists, engineers and physicians with unique vocabularies. The T3 Labs team is fluent in our scientific language. Because of this, I’m able to do a much better job and I can entrust them to communicate with the physicians directly.

5. Budget

T3 Labs recognizes our budget constraints. They consistently enable us to complete R&D to bring products to market or perfect them with FDA on or under budget. We would not be as effective in the marketplace if not for T3.

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